Our Mission

Founded in 1999, Haw Textile Ltd. is a professional supplier of sweaters and wool knitted small commodities for leading brand stores.

Our company is located in Xuhui District, Shanghai. Our yarn factory and weaving factory supply chain is located in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shandong.

Our organization includes development, order fulfillment, quality control and transportation/finance.  Our vision is to be the best price/value and reliable provider to leading brand owners. Win-Win partnership with them.

Artistic Products

We have abundant sweater products. Yarns cover cotton spinning, spinning, roving, semi-worsted spinning and fancy yarns.

The weaving needle type includes 16G/14G/12G/7G/5G/3G/1.5G and hand knitting.

We have advanced process technologies and can complete embroidery, printing, rinsing, knitting/tatting splicing and other complicated processes.

We have fashionable collection show room. Besides existing products, we can provide right priced products meeting customer brand position requirement.


Professional Customers

Our customers are branded clothing stores in Europe and Asia, which include Benetton and OVS from Italy, Match, Bikbok and Cubus from Norway, Zarina from Russia, Espada, EP and ESP from Thailand, Lily and Eifini from China, etc.

These brands cover different kinds of market positioning from medium/high grade to medium/low grade.


We look forward to the next opportunity serving you!

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